HirePOS was established in 2005 to provide a complete hire software, point of sale and back office solution to assist all types of hire rental businesses. Since then we have been providing service and support to users throughout Australia, New Zealand and beyond. HirePOS - Asset Management Features

Items & Assets


HirePOS® intelligently uses your pricing structure to calculate the most appropriate selling unit and quantity based on the hire period. Be confident your clients are being charged accurately, and avoid user error.

Customisable Selling Units

HirePOS® selling units and hire rate configurations are extremely flexible. You can set up any number of Selling Units (for example 8 Hr, Day, 2 Day, Week, Month) to suit your pricing structure, and configure these units to autocalc as required.


Attach companion items to other items, and be prompted at point of sale whether you would like to add any of the extra items as well.


Bundle items together in packages to save on data entry time. Hire out multiple packages with ease. Check availability of packages to see if you have enough items to make up the required packages over a given hire period. Use 'components' to hide certain items from the customer invoice, while showing them on delivery dockets and other reports.

Serial Tracking

Add serial numbers to bulk hire items for tracking exactly which assets go out, with the convenience of using bulk hire items for minimal setup and data entry. Scan out serial number barcodes to dispatch and return bulk items.